Member Guidelines

At, we value our community members’ confidence and privacy. All individuals, including members, chairs, speakers, and staff, are expected to adhere to the responsibilities enumerated in our Members Guidelines.

All members of the community are required to comply with the following confidentiality requirements:

Non-Disclosure: Confidential information shared within the community, including discussions in group meetings, one-on-ones, and via any platforms, must not be disclosed to a third party without the explicit consent of all parties involved.

Contacting Others: Use caution and discretion when discussing confidential matters with other members. Be cautious when communicating with other members, especially when communicating with their employees or leaving voicemails that may be accessed by inadvertent recipients.

Usernames and Passwords: Users must safeguard their personal usernames and passwords to gain access to the platforms. The sharing of credentials is strictly prohibited. Immediately contact the Support desk to have your password changed if you suspect it has been compromised.

Users of the platforms, including members, chairs, speakers, associates, and personnel, agree not to use the directories, email addresses, or any other contact information found on the platforms for solicitation purposes. This information cannot be used to construct contact or marketing lists.

Fair Competition and Hiring Practices: All members of the community agree not to use non-public information obtained from the platforms or shared within the community for direct or indirect competition, solicitation of customers or employees, or any other activity that may cause economic harm to fellow members.

While takes precautions to ensure privacy and security, it is essential to note that no website can guarantee absolute security at all times. All online transactions and interactions should be conducted with caution and discretion.

Legal Considerations: Members are cautioned that despite the confidentiality agreement, they may be compelled to disclose information discussed in meetings or on platforms in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, court orders, subpoenas, or other legal processes. Members should refrain from discussing anything that they would not want disclosed in a legal proceeding. Members of publicly traded companies should consult with their corporate counsel regarding the disclosure of material non-public information in accordance with applicable securities laws and regulations.

In addition, members are informed that issue recordings are not confidential and may be disclosed if published to a website or discussed in forums or discussion areas. If members wish to maintain privileged status, it is recommended that they keep their own copies of issue recordings and avoid discussing sensitive or confidential matters on platforms.

Members, chairs, and speakers are solely responsible for their own conduct, and any disputes or claims deriving from violations of this membership guide shall be resolved directly between the parties involved, without being held liable.

By joining the community, you agree to adhere by these confidentiality standards and protect the privacy and trust of your fellow members.